Apr 23, 2011

Top Forex Bonuses 2011 April-May

  • 100USD NO DEPOSIT Bonus, Join EVERESTFOREX and get $100 free into your MetaTrader 4-5 trading account. Pass the 5min trading simulator test, choose a broker, the bonus will be deposited into that account and you can start trading.

  • 20EUR NO DEPOSIT Bonus, Join Plus500, verify your account and start trading with 25€ no deposit bonus right away.

  • 5USD NO DEPOSIT Forex Bonus and 25% on deposit, Join FBS, navigate to "promotions->try out fbs advantages" on their site, download the EA that will give you the bonus, the manual for getting the bonus is on their website. They use Meta Trader 4 Platform. If you register trough my link here FBS, I'll give you 10% CASHBACK from every trade made, winning or losing!

  • 10USD Forex Bonus for 10USD+ deposit and 20% bonus on deposits over 100$ at FXOptimax. It's a great promo because you can get 10$ bonus every month when you deposit only 10$. They use Meta Trader 4 Platform.

  • 50% bonus on deposit + free tradesignals.com (worth 300$/month) at HotForex. Real STP execution (no dealing desk), awesome spreads, minimal deposit requirements, MT4 platform!

  • CashBackForex gives you cash back from every trade made, 0.1-1.6 pips per round lot! So if you decide to open a new trading account with one of the following brokers this is the right site to join first. Availible brokers: AvaFX, DeltaStock, FXPro, FXCM, InstaForex, FXPrimus, 4XP, FinFX, Tadawul, FXDD, Alpari UK, GOMarkets, HotForex, FXOpen, VarenGold, IamFX, AAAFX, ForexYard, FXcbs, DukasCopy, LiteForex, NordMarkets, Marketiva, Gallant Capital , Baron Forex, ZuluTrade!

And here's a tip. Most of the brokers offer Liberty Reserve or E-gold for the bonus profit withdraw. Use ECardOne to transfer your funds from LR or E-Gold to your bank account because it's the cheapest way :)

Apr 14, 2011

Are Forex No Deposit Bonuses Real ?

So the thing is... No deposit bonuses are usually offered by forex brokers for a short period of time mainly to attract more traders. To receive Forex bonus with zero deposit you don't have to transfer any funds into your trading account, it's enough to register for a real account and provide some personal identification documents. Forex brokers usually don't allow withdrawal of the bonus but after a certain amount of traded lots they unlock the bonus for withdrawal. The profit earned from trading with this bonus is usually available for withdrawal at any time. Those bonuses are usually for beginners and not for experienced traders because they're quite low 5$-50$ and rarely 100$.

Some people say that free no deposit bonuses don't exist but why not? It's just a type of marketing. If you were a broker, how would you attract new potential traders? With a bonus of course. It's just like your cable tv provider, they give you 1-3 months of free HBO just to get used to it.

Apr 8, 2011

Earn Forex Cash Back For All Trades (winning and losing)

So every time you win or lose a trade your forex broker earns something from your trade. And they earn from the spread. The bigger the spread the more they earn from your trades... So now you can get a piece of THEIR earnings BACK! Register to CashBackForex and then register to a chosen broker trough them. So this means that they will refer you to a broker. So now every time you'll close a trade no matter if losing or winning, you will get 0.25 and up to 1.3 pips (depends from the broker) on every trade made cash back into your CashBackForex account. You can easily withdrawal that money from CashBackForex trough PayPal, Liberty Reserve, Check, Bank Wire or ACH. Maybe 0.25 or 1.3 pips per round lot traded doesn't sound a lot but you will make 100's of trades and you'll be surprised when you see that extra money coming your way.

Here's a calculator. If the cashback is 0.7 pips and you make 6 trades per day lotsize 0.1, you'll get 1000$+ cash back in one year! And that really is something.

Apr 6, 2011

Active Forex No deposit Bonuses April 2011

  • 100 USD - Join Everest Forex Here, register, read about their strategies and begin the simulator test. You just need to prove that you can trade (make a few trades, put a stop loss in one trade and that's it) After completing the test you'll be offered a few brokers from them and you register to that broker and get free $100 no deposit money now!

    EverestForex 100$ no deposit bonus on Sunbird

  • 20 USD - Join FXOptimax Here and get 10 USD free without deposit with their Twitter promo. You can even get 10$ if you make a deposit of 10$+. So you deposit 10$ but actually you get 20$ into your account. This can be done each month.. And for deposits over 100$ you get the 10$ free + 20% free.

    10$ no deposit bonus on FXOptimax

  • 5 USD - Join FBS Here and get 5 USD free zero deposit bonus. Just register a micro account and then go to "promotions" on their website, you will find the 5USD bonus under "try out FBS advantages".

    5$ no deposit bonus on FBS

  • 20 EUR - Join Plus500 Here and get 20 EUR free no deposit bonus right away. You need to trade at least 60 trading points, and then this bonus (20EUR) is withdrawable! The minimum sum for withdrawal is 50€, so you get 20€ bonus, make 30€ profit and you can withdrawal 50€!

I'm currently trading with these three no deposit bonuses and all are real. You can try it for yourself. my first 100$ withdrawal is already made so this is real. But please you're welcomed to share your experience in the comments.

Apr 5, 2011

Best STP/ECN broker with tight spreads and 50% bonus

HotForex is HERE! It's a relatively new but regulated forex broker with headquarters in Mauritius. HotForex offers real STP/ECN execution (no dealing desk or virtual plugin scams like many brokers do) on Meta Trader 4 platform for minimal deposits. They offer 4 different account types + Islamic accounts. They offer trading with really tight spreads from 0.3pips on Volume account and from 0.6 on Currenex account. Scalping, hedging and all trading styles are welcomed!

If you open an account with them you'll get 50% bonus on all your deposits + TradeSignals.com service FOR FREE (worth 295$/monthly).

Account TypeMicroStandardCurrenexVolume
Spreads from0.
Max leverage1:5001:3001:3001:300
Min deposit5$500$500$50,000$
Min lotsize0.
Min lotsize0.

20% bonus on all Deposits

Apr 1, 2011

Forex Trading with your free FX no deposit bonus

So you've got the 100$, 10$, 20$ bonus on your real forex account but what now? Well you can trade manually or use a FOREX robot that will place the trades for you! Some FOREX EA's are very good and profitable but you need to setup them correctly. It's very hard to get a good EA for free, almost unpossible. But there are tons of EA's out there that can be bought but not every one of them makes profit, some can kill your account with ease... Be careful when choosing the right EA, test it on a demo account first for a month or two and then load it into your real trading account.

Here are some FOREX EA's (robots) that can be bought:
And here are two FREE EA's that show nice performance:
But you can always trade manually too, if you're already experienced in forex trading just go for it, register for a bonus and make profit :) And if you're a beginner, I would suggest that you open a demo account and trade for a while there fist, so that you won't blow the free no deposit bonus right into the dust :) Good luck Trader.